The Institute of Applied Dermatology, world’s lead lymphoedema and integrative medicine hospital was presented to the world in the year of 1999 as a venture to redefine the systems of dermatological treatment. Being sector-specific for the skin care treatment, the hospital aims at being a single point of contact for all skin problems by developing and creating an integrative treatment approach.

IAD focuses on Integrative Medicine to manage a variety of common diseases. It gives much emphasis on various diseases that affect rural population like Lymphatic Filariasis. Today IAD is recognized as a primary destination for lymphatic filariasis treatment in India. IAD takes various approaches like the evidence-based Ayurveda treatments,yoga for Lymphoedema and many other methods to treat different skin problems.

Through years of experience and research, IAD has grown from a small clinic to one of the primary applied dermatology hospitals in the country. IAD offers a wide range of integrative treatment to various diseases like, lymphatic filariasis, vitiligo, psoriasis, lichen planus, wound care, wart and hemiplegia.  Started by a group of eminent Indian medical experts IAD now collaborates worldwide for better care of difficult to treat skin disease and lymphoedema

Filariasis (Lymphoedema) & Other diseases treatment response
In IAD Significant quality of life improvements are recorded due to Integrative Medicine treatments in long term management of chronic diseases such as Lymphatic Filariasis, lymphoedema, Lichen Planus and Psoriasis….
Integrative Treatment Approach
We combine (integrate) the traditional Indian medicines like Ayurveda and Yoga with western medicine (Allopathy and Homoeopathy)…
Who We Are
Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD), Kasaragod, Kerala founded in 1999 as a not for profit, charitable nongovernmental organization. IAD developed an integrated approach for the treatment for lymphatic blocks due to filarial, primary, secondary, and other causes of lymphoedema (Elephantiasis)…

Footages of IADs Integrative treatment approach

Integrative Medicine Treatment of Filariasis /Lymphoedema EnglishHindiMalayalamKannadaCollaboratorsIAD Colloquium Interview with Prof. Terence. J Ryan, Emeritus professor of dermatology Oxford UK.

Why Us?

Integrative Medicine

Development of Protocols for Evidence Based Ayurveda Pertaining to Dermatology and sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Our R & D
Vitiligo is the most common chronic depigmentation disorder affecting around 0.5-2% of the world population. It is cosmetically and psychologically devastating.
Volunteering At IAD

IAD is a success story of volunteerism. Doctors, scientists, social workers and Intellectuals from around the world.


Effective care for difficult to treat chronic diseases


Patient Corner
This is the final place where I dropped out all my sufferings.A distant family member was ready to marry Ambika Biswas, a young lady who is a native of Uttar Pradesh suffering from filariasis for years. The couples anxiety about the hereditary chances of the disease, painfully led them to decide not to have a child. They aborted four times and later on totally avoided sexual contact to avoid pregnancy.